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Jet Ski in the River

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Anyone feeling the jet propulsion of these days? God taking us where we didn’t expect, faster than we imagined?

I was five when I first tried my wings. They weren’t feathered. With a running start, skinny arms and elbows flapping, I hurtled off a concrete embankment. Longing for flight didn’t prevent my inevitable crash.

The law of gravity stood nearby and watched as I ignored it.

How I’ve longed to fly, to go where I’ve dreamed in a way that soars above obstacles and my own inabilities. How often I’ve crashed and burned instead.

Just as there is a law that governs flying in the natural, there is a spiritual one that when recognized and embraced causes us to soar. It is a principle that carries our perspective to blue sky and treetops instead of scraped knees and bruised shins.

I discovered it this weekend.

We finished hosting a writer’s conference this weekend. It was amazing, by the way. (Write Well, Sell Well 2014 in Oklahoma City, OK)

The Lord had been teaching me to open my eyes to gifts (people) He’d placed around me. Then, to treat those gifts like gifts.

Seemed simple enough. I didn’t know He was teaching me a law that would give me wings.

It was the law of honor. He was helping me put feet to an eternal law placed into the foundation of life itself.

I have two motivational gifts. God put them in me and they make me happy. They are giving and serving.

You have gifts, too. They are your fish and loaves. You can offer them to the Lord for His purposes and they’ll end up feeding a multitude – or a Saturday evening banquet for a writer’s conference!

Our gifts are already out in the open. They show up in the ways we give to those we love and appreciate.

So how did I get involved in a writer’s conference? A connector friend (gift) brought me to a writer friend (gift). Both positioned me for a new place of growth.

How did I respond? I gave and I served

I wasn’t sure why, I just wanted to. It made me happy.

Only later did I find out that giving and serving in order to honor God’s gifts was bringing me an unexpected harvest.

I gave honor because it was the right thing to do and I wanted to. In return I received from those gifts. My gift got way better than it was.

Giving honor propels our gift with Spirit direction and influence. Okay, that’s a long-winded way to say honor gives wings to our gifts.

I like that. I’m trading in those elbows and arms for wings. How about you?

Laurel Thomas