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January 2015



Suddenlies in the River

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My husband loves to see the power of God show up. He loves documented miracles of deformities made whole, deaf ears hearing and blind eyes seeing. They are signs that the living God appeared and did what only He could do.

He’s sure if people could just see these miracles, they’d believe.

Jesus liked signs and wonders, too. He not only healed the sick and delivered the tormented, He made sure they also became billboards of His grace. A sign for anyone driving down the road of life.

He likes to show us off. Especially the ways we let His grace and truth change us from the inside out. A wonder to anyone who knows us!

Miracles are all around us. That doesn’t mean we see them. The power of God does heal. It does deliver in astounding ways. But His power to change us isn’t diminished because it goes unnoticed. My miracle loving husband hasn’t had pneumonia for ten years. It had been a yearly plague. I’m not an angry, alone person anymore. His power changed me.

We’ve made some progress in this journey. We have some suddenlies on the way.

Esther, a Jewish orphan married a Persian king. A suddenly apprehended her quiet life and positioned her in royal courts.

This suddenly had everything to do with identity. Circumstance called her orphan. God called her deliverer. Her alliance to the right identity redeemed and shifted an entire culture.

Circumstances hope to be strong enough to define us. An orphan spirit can develop through hurt and abandonment. It makes judgments like, “It’s not fair…”

It isolates out of fear, crying, “Maybe you’ll use me, abuse me. I’m safe only in my own hands, by my own devices.”

It’s miserly and whines, “What will it cost if I give love, give trust? I have so little to spare.”

In short, it tries to keep us small.

But we are not small. Not now. Not ever.

Esther married a heathen king. That marriage placed her in a mountain of culture. One that hadn’t experienced the God Esther knew. She couldn’t stand back in fear. She couldn’t stay small. She had to know the place of God’s calling was strong enough not only to keep her, but to change everything around her.

We may be positioned in some dark places this year. No need to fear. Our suddenlies are only opportunities to highlight what we didn’t know was in us. Like wisdom born out of hurtful mistakes. Or confidence that His strength shows up best in our weakness.

Light always wins. We just have to remember we carry it. No matter where our suddenlies lead us.


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