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April 2015



Stories in the River

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Here’s a peek into some journaling I’ve been doing since a writer’s conference in California this spring. It starts with me, then moves (by faith) into His response.

Me: Lord, I love the adventure of You! I love Your beauty – especially in a good story. I love seeing a character created and linked in with others. I love how words, in careful design, embrace and carry me as a willing captive to unexpected places.

But how do You feel about me writing stories?

God: You want to write fiction? Why not? I love a good story, too. Aren’t you and I proof of that? I love your story. So much mystery, so much intrigue! A weaving as intricate as you being formed in your momma’s womb.

I take a seed, breath on it and then hand tool design and beauty into a complete work. Is there travail all around? Yes! I don’t create in isolated perfection. Circumstances can rage, NO, NO! But do they stop My breath? Do they prevent My creation? No. I am He Who is and was and always will be.

The creation of story is what I do. When you invite me, I’m with you in the journey, connecting with others, with the land, with life. It’s all story.

Don’t be afraid. You won’t get this wrong. You still fight imperfection. I don’t. I hate sin, true, and I hate what seeks to destroy My expression in you. But imperfection – well, sometimes there’s order you can’t see yet.

Things may look messy, but with My redeeming hand, broken pieces come into patterns and patterns reflect what only I can form. It is beauty that is both mystery and wonder.

Touch Me, beloved. Come near. Don’t stand apart. I’m not afraid of your imperfections. I trust our journey together. I love our story.

Me: He loves our story! May we expect His life in unexpected places as we take those leaps with Him, our Creator!

Shalom in the river,

Laurel Thomas




April 2015



Prepared to Cross Over

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She was a sinner. It was no secret. Simon, the host, was a prominent Pharisee. He saw her when she walked in the door. But her eyes focused on One. She moved through a crowd of observers who hadn’t been invited to dinner, but were welcome to watch.  (Luke 7:36-50)

In those days, social protocol allowed people to watch a party of this importance from a distance. Maybe a large crowd gathered around the perimeter of the table. After all, Jesus was there.

With no “pardon me,” the woman made her way through them, crossing the threshold of protocol to kneel at His feet. Tears dripped from her chin and cheeks, drenching His feet. As she wept, she poured out rare perfume. Fragrance and tears mingled in an outpouring of uncontained love.

Simon was appalled. And he thinks he’s a prophet…

Jesus, very much prophet, yet much more, knew his thoughts. He understood and honored her exchange. Extravagant love given, unbounded thanks received.

But that night thanks didn’t come from the host, one who should have recognized Him. Instead, it came from a despised and rejected one. Her outpouring defied convention and poured out unashamed. It was an offering that anointed the Savior.

Our tears and gifts mingle in imperfect humanity. We may get caught up in appearances. But He doesn’t. Somehow in a beautiful exchange, the offering of our hearts is received by a perfect God.

Does our gift wash away the dust of heartache from a world blind to Him? Or worse, the betrayal of those who’ve invited Him to the table, but refuse to give Him the honor He deserves?

This Passover season, may our love for Him cross over into a fragrant offering that anoints and invites with the sweetness of its fragrance. It might be a stench to some, but to Him, it is a preparation. One that we’re a part of.

Shalom in the River,

Laurel Thomas