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May 2015



Rain and the Hidden Seed

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Here’s today’s answer to my What’s next, Abba?

I’ve watered your land and broken an assignment of drought. Even as I pour out My goodness on the earth, know that I am breaking drought over you, beloved.

My rain of life and light comes to refresh and fulfill the next measure of your destiny. There’s a new place in My plan, not just for you, but for My people and those you’ve prayed for.

Rain washes an accumulation of pain and difficulty. It nourishes hidden seed, the seed you planted years ago by receiving My Word. You forgot your obedience because it looked so insignificant. But I didn’t forget.

It is imperishable seed, which though hidden, waits for the rain of My Spirit. It is a promise you thought life left behind, that will sprout before your eyes in the days to come.

Rain seems inconvenient. Muddy feet track into your clean house. You put off morning walks in hope of sunshine tomorrow. But rain is My answer to the cry of your heart. Don’t miss seeing My voice speak in its downpour.

The skies rain hope and expectation, targeting the hidden and releasing it from ground packed hard by dry seasons and hard times.

So look forward to seeing the life of those seeds you’ve forgotten. Their harvest will surprise you. After all, does a stalk of corn look like its seed? Does a ripe, yummy tomato look like what you stuffed in the dirt?

I’m a good Abba and I love to amaze you with My sweetness. The harvest will be rich and satisfying, designed by My hands, just for you.

Enjoy these soggy days. I’m speaking!


Laurel Thomas


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