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July 2015



Refreshing in the River

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July 20th heat shifted to rainy refreshment in one day. Yesterday, temperatures soared to the upper nineties. It was hot with a wet blanket of humidity on top.  Not this morning, though. The rain was more than a sprinkle. It was a thorough soaking that broke stifling heat in a matter of hours, not days.

All summer I’ve heard my grandson’s voice repeated in my spirit. He’d just celebrated his fifth birthday. Right before he hurtled from the high dive of a small town public pool, he told his mama,

“I can do this. I’m big now.”

“You can do this. You’re big now,” awakens me at every opportunity to quit or back down. It speaks to me when old fears whisper, “Are you sure? What if it hurts? Is it worth the risk?

It beckons me like cool waters, beyond a cautionary life I’ve settled for. It says,

“Jump, like Tyler, into the deep. Fear is a like a barking dog. I hold it at bay, but you must silence it.

I’m with you in the leap, in the decision of your heart that nothing and no one can steal My delight and desire in you.

Put a demand on the strength of those desires. They are mightier than the lies you’ve let overpower them. I built muscle in them to overpower every obstacle.

Your dreams are designed by Me to swim. They don’t require a life jacket. They plunge and come up refreshed, even though heat surrounds them. Your dreams love My depths. They aren’t intimidated by mystery. They embrace the unknown and take joy in expressions beyond what they’ve imagined.

The impossible situations you see as a prison are only an opportunity to leap. Leap with your dream. Watch it break through impossibilities with a sudden, not gradual liberation.”

For I know the thoughts and plans I have for you. Thoughts and plans for welfare and for peace, not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Shalom in the river,

Laurel Thomas




July 2015



Plunging in the River

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Tyler’s Plunge


Muscles taut in sturdy limbs,

Poised to plunge,



He’s five, after all,

The world must bow

To pint-sized limbs,

Poised to plunge,



A barrier crossed,

A line is drawn,

As sunlight glistens

And water beckons below.


His leap won’t wait,

To count the cost

And calculate the gain.


So with muscles taut,

He plunges,

Poised and



Expecting his leap

To conquer the world,

He knows must bow

To him.


Hope you enjoy my word picture of Tyler hurtling off the edge of the high dive this weekend. He said, “I can do it. I’m five now.”

Thanks for the visual, Tyler. Here’s to all our leaps of faith!


Laurel Thomas