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June 2016



Storehouse in the River

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I noticed.

Sometimes the Lord answers my questions before I ask them.
He didn’t need an essay, a paragraph, or even a fancy sentence. Two words were enough.

I didn’t know I needed to know He noticed. Then again…

I thought about Joseph in the book of Genesis.
Joseph started out with two prophetic dreams. Little did he know those sweet dreams of divine promise would land him in an Egyptian dungeon, far from home and family.

Not the plan he had in mind.

My agenda hasn’t always lined up with God’s. I’ve made giant skid marks onto a path I hadn’t planned, too.
When I was muttering, What the heck, God was up to something. Actually, He was building something. In me.

His plan was a storehouse. And I was the storehouse.

I saw it in Joseph first. Then made the leap to me. Obeying God when it was hard formed a foundation. Giving when it didn’t look like it mattered laid a framework. Loving, even when it came out all wrong, was part of the process.

Joseph was brought against his will to an unexpected future. That future wasn’t one he’d had in mind. But it was one God needed. It positioned him in a nation that faced a huge crisis. One that needed the wealth he carried inside.

What kind of storehouse will I look like? How about you? Where will He take us to feed the hungry?

I’m not sure yet. I do know our obedience, our giving, and our love matter. And that somehow they’re part of God’s building plan. One that will feed and protect others.

For just the right time and right place. Proving that He’s good, He’s faithful and He’ll never come up short.

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