Today is a great day to begin telling your story.

Write Your Story

Is there a story tucked in your heart, but you feel lost and don’t know where to begin? Maybe it lives in your head and keeps you awake at night. Or perhaps you’ve started the writing process but lost your way.

You’ve come to the right place. A listening ear, the right help and publishing expertise are what you need to grow that idea into an amazing story for the world to read and enjoy.

"Laurel helped me navigate a roadblock toward the finish line with my first novel. I highly recommend her as a writer’s coach."

Hi there. I’m Laurel Thomas.

I’m a writer’s coach with a passion to help emerging authors find the story in their heart and pull it out! As a storyteller, I love to spin imaginary worlds filled with ordinary characters who overcome extraordinary odds – and I do it all right from my kitchen counter. (Yep, I love to stand and write!)

Let’s talk about the dream in your heart and work together to let the story out.

Laurel Thomas

You can only edit once you have started writing.

Opportunities & Services for Writers

Writers Roundtable

A free online resource with specific craft tips and discussions with other writers.

Critique Groups

Join a small group of committed writers who want collaborative help with their manuscripts.

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching from beginning of concept to end of manuscript, in order to see your project become all you knew it could be.

Read Laurel’s Latest Novel, River’s Call 

Missy is young. Gangly. Awkward. But when the river deposits a small town’s secrets onto her muddy shore, Missy becomes something else. Dangerous.

This story will sweep you into dark secrets flowing under the currents of a river and behind the smiles of people Missy has known all her life. Taut with intrigue, you too will be transformed by River’s Call.


“Laurel Thomas pulls you into Missy’s world with vivid descriptions and relatable characters. Once you open it, you won’t put it down!”